There is less traffic in a subdivision pod than in a traditional neighborhood.

Element: Thoroughfare

Issue: Street Network

This seems obvious at first, but if the population is anywhere near the same, the exact opposite is true. Hilton Head is designed around a system of pods, with a single arterial thoroughfare feeding collectors that in turn feed local streets. Charleston, roughly an hour away, is composed of an open network of streets in the historic district. Hilton Head entertains approximately 1.5 million visitors per year. The historic district of Charleston entertains roughly 6 million visitors per year. Traffic jams on Hilton Head are legendary. Nobody has ever heard of a traffic jam in Charleston. What’s the difference? Most people aren’t stupid. If there’s a traffic problem and you give them a choice of several streets, they’ll simply turn onto the street that’s moving freely. But if there’s only one way in and one way out, they have no choice but to wait for the traffic to clear before proceeding.

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