Kids are safer in gated communities.

Element: Neighborhood

Issue: Security

Gated communities typically contain only houses, because they don’t have enough residents to support a (private) school, a corner store, a drug store, a candy store, a video store, a bike shop, a theater, or any of the legion of other places that a kid wants to go after school or on a summer afternoon. This means that children must first convince an adult to stop what they’re doing and take them to wherever they want to go. Next, the adult must put the child in the car and drive them to wherever they want to go, driving first on the collector street and then on the arterial and/or freeway. How safe is that for the kids? Gated subdivision developers talk about kidnappings, but how many kids are kidnapped by strangers each year? And how many kids are injured or killed while riding in a car within 20 miles of home? So which is really the biggest risk?

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