The Transect was invented a century ago as a management tool for the natural environment. It was reconstituted more recently by Andrés Duany and extended into the built environment thanks to insights gathered on a famous walk with his brother, landscape architect Douglas Duany, from the sands of South Beach across the dunes and into the city.

While Andrés is the primary author of the rural-to-urban Transect, a number of Guild Foundation board members and Guild members have played prominent roles in its development. Foundation board members Galina Tachieva, Nathan Norris, and Steve Mouzon are members of the Transect Codes Council, as is Dan Slone, the Foundation’s attorney and Guild member Marina Khoury.

Listing Guild members’ contributions to the development of the Transect would take far too long because they are so numerous. And at this point, it’s fair to say that most Guild members have made the Transect a fundamental platform upon which they work.

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