Lean Urbanism

The Project for Lean Urbanism looks to restore common sense to the development process, making small things possible again where they have been rendered impossible in recent years by mountains of red tape. It is based on seven platforms: Lean Building, Lean Development, Lean Business, Lean Green, Lean Regulation, Lean Infrastructure, and Lean Education. It is currently in the first year of a three-year effort funded by the Knight Foundation and headed by Andrés Duany and Hank Dittmar. It is intended to occupy the seam between the policy-based agenda of the New Urbanism and Smart Growth and the pilot projects of Tactical Urbanism.

The first year is a time of incubating ideas at regional councils and on a listserv. Foundation board members and Guild members who have participated to date include: Bill Dennis, Galina Tachieva, Michael Mehaffy, Nathan Norris, Patrick Pinnell, Robert Orr, Steve Mouzon, and Susan Henderson. The Guild’s 2014 Barranco Award for Architecture winner John Anderson is very active as well. Original Green book editor Nancy Bruning is writing the Lean Urbanism book.

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