Agrarian Urbanism

The Agrarian Urbanism initiative is hosted by and grew out of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company. While it is primarily Andrés Duany’s, there are some Foundation and Guild connections: Galina Tachieva, Marina Khoury, and Tom Low were all principals at DPZ at the time of its development. And Steve Mouzon worked as a consultant with DPZ at three of the most important formative charrettes for Agrarian Urbanism principles: Sky, Southlands, and Schooner Bay. And while Agrarian Urbanism cannot be said to have followed the Original Green’s Nourishable Places foundation, there certainly has been a lot of cross-pollinating between the two sets of ideas. There’s no doubt the Original Green has benefited from this; we hope Andrés feels Agrarian Urbanism has profited as well.

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