The mission of the New Urban Guild Foundation is to provide resources that allow people to build sustainable places and buildings that have an influence for good far beyond the boundaries of each project.


The Guild Foundation will accomplish our mission by providing several resources based on our assets and founded on our principles, and designed to keep the Guild Foundation self-sustaining.



We advocate for a common-sense, plain-spoken definition of sustainability: keeping things going in a healthy way long into an uncertain future. The intelligence behind building sustainably is a set of ideas we call the Original Green, which requires that we build sustainable places first... after which point is it meaningful to discuss sustainable buildings. Sustainable places are nourishable, accessible, serviceable, and securable. Sustainable buildings are lovable, durable, flexible, and frugal.

Living Traditions

The operating systems of the Original Green are Living Traditions. A Living Tradition arises from regional conditions, climate, and culture, spreading good ideas across many miles and many years. We work to reawaken Living Traditions because we know of no better vehicle for accomplishing our mission of spreading an influence for good far beyond the boundaries of a project.

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