About the Guild Foundation

The Guild Foundation Board of Directors is a diverse group of New Urbanist. They are, in first-name alphabetical order, as follows: Galina Tachieva is an author (the Sprawl Repair Manual) and planner (Director of Town Planning at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.) Geoffrey Mouen is an architect and founder of the Town Architect Symposium, hosted by the Guild Foundation (expect more here shortly.) Joel Embry was one of the first New Urbanist Town Founders, and remains in the equation of the development of the latest New Urbanist thought. Julia Starr Sanford is an architect and founder of the Sky Institute. Nathan Norris is an attorney by trade, but a New Urbanist by heart. He co-founded the Architects’ Guild with Steve Mouzon, which was a precursor to the New Urban Guild. Nathan has recently been named Director of Education and Training Programs at the Congress for the New Urbanism. Pete Miller is President and CEO of Restore Media, publisher of great magazines and producer of the Traditional Building Exhibition & Conference. Steve Mouzon founded the New Urban Guild and the Guild Foundation, as well as the Original Green initiative and Mouzon Design. Victor Deupi is an architectural designer, teacher, and writer. He has held a number of teaching positions, including his current one at the University of Miami School of Architecture, and previously at the University of Notre Dame, the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, and the Institute of Classical Architecture/Classical America, where he commissioned the first Original Green workshop in New York.

Dan Slone is not a member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, but serves as our counsel. He drew up not only the Foundation’s founding documents, but those of the Congress for the New Urbanism and the US Green Building Council as well.

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